Sep 19, 2012

Charity Chair

Oh hey ballers!

My name is Michelle, though not to be confused with the other one... You’ll find me sporting royal blue, argyle socks, a neon yellow hat, and probably trying to do cartwheels on the field- all while holding a beer! Hence the team name, “Hold My Beer and Watch This!”
Aside from my acrobatic feats and legendary three page weekly team emails, there are few other things that you should note about this girl.
1. I am your charity chair! That means I will come up with any way I can to pry your hard earned dolla dolla bills out of your hands and into our charity’s pocket. Watch out, I was on debate. I’m persuasive (and always right)!
2. If you want to win a drinking game against me, I would not suggest Flip Cup (aww yeah Dunder Flipplin)! However, I would suggest a race to shotgun a beer. Big deal, so what, maybe I’m not perfect. Give it a minute.
3. My team almost always has Jell-O shots. Know us.

So, now here’s the BIG announcement I know that has been keeping you up at night… What is our charity this season?! Are you holding your breath? Jumping up and down? Keeping your fingers crossed? Well wait no longer… We will be playing for the Priority Paws Program! Yus! (If you must know, I did in fact just do a Napoleon Dynamite style ‘yus’ there).

Here’s a little more information about the program:

Priority Paws (Pit Bull and Rottweiler Interactive Outreach, Instruction, and Therapy for Youth) program combines rescue dogs in free dog-therapy groups with youth in crisis who reside in two Hennepin country organizations. The rescue dogs provide the youth with a tremendously powerful parallel: the dogs’ stories of abuse, neglect, and negative social perception often mirror those of the youth, and can inspire the youth with stories of redemption and resiliency. The youth are then enabled to work through their crises using the connections, lessons, and skills that only the dogs can teach.

Loves it, right? Come on, everyone loves kids and/or animals!

So guys, let’s have a great season, raise lots of monies, and let’s be honest, drink a lot of beer!

You know you love me.

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