Sep 19, 2012

President's Corner

Hello Kickballers!

I'm AJ and I'll be your President this fall.  You can call me the Chief!I'd like to officially welcome all of you to 2012 Fall Kickball!! Exciting!!

Week 1 is behind us, but wow, what a way to start out the season!  The turn out was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm on the field.  I saw lots of hard kicks and hard drinks out on the field.

Then onto the bar!  I just want to say that this is the first season where two leagues in MPLS are sharing the same bar and wow, what a site.  Wall to bar colorful shirts.  It was great the teams and people having a great time.  I got really intense for the flip cup game as my team really is a flip cup team in a kick ball league!

I saw lots of new faces in the bar and around the field.  I want to try and meet all of you so I'll be walking around trying to get to know you folks.  I'll be the one in the fireman's hat!  Say hi and I'll buy you a drink!

So here's to a great first week and an epic rest of the season!  On to week two!!  Bring the pain!! .... and a sweatshirt!


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