Sep 19, 2012

Vice President

What’s up my pitches?

I’m Will and I’m your new league Vice President! I’m not entirely sure what that means, aside from following the president around and writing down all of his inspiring words of wisdom, rocking it on the field, and rocking it at the bar! (Let’s be honest, in my case, getting rocked at the bar.) Aside from that, I’m the assistant (to the) captain for “Hold My Beer and Watch This!”

A side note: in case you are wondering, Will swindled and pleaded his way into having me (Michelle H) write this for him. The things I do to avoid hate mail and make sure everyone still likes me. Naturally I have to make sure his intro isn’t better than mine, since I’m (barely) living with the fact that he has a higher ranking position on the board than I do. Dumb.

Basically Will’s kickball mantra is kick the ball, drink the beer, have fun, and call it an organized sports league. Pretty simple, right?

If you are dying to know more about his philosophy on kickball, the vice presidency, great team themes, or the best place to get fried chicken, you’ll be able to spot him easily. He’ll be the one wearing the jorts.


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