Sep 19, 2012

Week 1: Hold My Beer and Watch This

It was a slow week 1 for Hold my Beer and Watch This (HMBAWT).  The cobwebs obviously got in a bit deeper than we had hoped and we started a bit slow for the first couple innings.  The game was enjoyable and fun as always, a cornucopia of various adult beverages were consumed, and we even saw some man nipple … aww yea!

Luckily for HMBAWT though the cobwebs were completely gone by the time we arrived at the watering hole after the game and replaced with 1,000,000 cc’s of pure awesome.  Which results in a flip-cup victory!  [We all know this is what really counts!]

Week two is looking to be better, the temperatures are looking to be cooler and our captains present at the field mean HMBAWT will be even more awesomer!

Till next time!

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