Sep 19, 2012

Week 1: Kick This

The Autumn air felt crisp upon our formerly summer drenched faces.  Men and women alike began kicking balls, deep.  That's right, the Fall kickball season had begun.  Kick This, a motley group summoned to the field under the leadership of Joline "Captain pants" Epple and Hillary "HillTop" Haga faced We Kick Balls at 7:30. 

Kick This assumed an early lead with clever bunts and apt deep ball usage.  The highlight of the game came not from pitching or swell fielding.. but rather the refs WAKA absconded from CSC.  With every foul kick, every out, they exclaimed the result for all to hear.  Even Wilmer, the hard of hearing passerby, kept pace with the game, turning off his hearing aid for the first time since the Reagan administration.  I'm pretty sure I saw a grateful tear, run slowly down his wrinkled cheek. 
You're welcome, Wilmer.
The game ended with Kick This scoring 12 to We Kick Balls at 5 and ended around 8:20 to a darkened sky, well lit field and hardy players reliving great moments in sport and looking forward to the Uptown Tavern for more beer awesomeness.

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