Sep 19, 2012

Week 1: TILF

TILF is starting yet another season of kickball with a mix of recruited fresh meat and seasoned veterans, sounds delicious doesn't it?  Well it's not quite Manny's steak yet.  The season started out a little rough with a couple errors in the first inning and 2 runs by the opposing team, TILF found themselves at a deficit of 2 to 1.  Not knowing what to expect of the line-up and mix of old and new we were concerned.  Heading into the bottom of the 4th down 5 to 1 we wree back to the top of the order Toni lead of by non other than a bunt getting on base.  Followed by good kicking and base running by Jason, Amy, Cory and and the usual sacrifice pop fly by Maicke. TILF racks up 3 runs in the inning.  Holding the opponent to 5 runs in the fifth TILF is up to kick with confidence in pulling out a win with being only down by 1 run.  But three newbies are up to kick and fall 1-2-3 and TILF marks down their fist loss of the season.  Watch our for this team kickballers the winning recipe is near and we are confident in having successfull year. 

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