Sep 26, 2012

Week 2: Kick This

The kickball was angry that day my friends. Before long, it would take that aggression upon a completely innocent and stunningly handsome outfielder. The 7:30 game between Kick This and Tyler’s Team of Degenerates began innocently enough but soon, it went to non-innocence mode.  First inning: a ball kicked, deep, dropped, an erroneous throw to an unsuspecting teammate. That’s all it took for the ball to strike. It was the right fielder hit in the head and blindsided by angry inflated rubber. He went down, glasses broken, life flashing before his very eyes… mostly involving delicious adult beverages as the ball rolled away aimlessly and looked on, satisfied.
Feeling no remorse, the ball went about its ballish duties as the stricken right fielder for Kick This had to quit and do immediate surgery upon his vision helpers. However, all was not lost; Both Jackie and Matt effortlessly snagged balls in the outfield. In the third inning with bases loaded, Nate, using the leg powers only known to AP All-Day, knocked one deep securing a home run. Ginger Beard Mike using his smooth Curling skills, struck out a mighty kicker to the team’s thunderous clappage.  But, without their bespeckled moral leader, Kick This fell 7-4.  But wait!  Later that night Kick This claimed sweet beer victory as it won in Flip Cup, huzzah!

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