Sep 26, 2012

Week 2: Kickball Bachelorette

Megan of Balls and Dolls

Seasons Played: 6
Position: Catcher, but willing to try any position
Hometown: St. Joseph, MN, population 6,558
Occupation: Project Annalist
Favorite Super Hero: Gumbie
Favorite Color: Tie-Die
Favorite Animal: Walrus
Favorite Drink: PBR
Favorite Actor: Kevin Bacon
Interesting Fact: Avid Tree Climber
Last Book Read: The Hobbit
Way to a Woman’s Heart: Home Runs!
Night Owl or Early Bird: Night Owl
Role Model: Coach Tyla
Snore: Nope
Star Trek or Star Wars: Battlestar Galactica
Turn On: Smile
Big Spoon or Little Spoon: Little

*Editor’s Note: Megan was not available for the interview so her team took the liberty of providing the most accurate answers possible.  

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