Sep 26, 2012

Week 2: President's Corner

Greetings Kickballers,

Getting down to business, I just want to highlight a couple of things:
  1. First off, I want to apologize to the team I was reffing on Thursday.  There was a controversy over the tag-up rule, and I got it wrong.  Thankfully it did not affect the outcome of the game, but I was still wrong and wanted to say I'm sorry. For those that do not know, you may tag up when the ball FIRST touches a defender and you do NOT need to wait for possession.  I believe it is written this way to prevent someone from bobbling the ball all the way into the infield without grabbing it. Again, you may tag up once it HITS / touches someone; you do not have to wait until someone catches it.
  2. I want to commend folks for cleaning up the fields after we're done.  I saw several people cleaning up area's on the way out.  Sometimes they cleaned up area's that may not have been theirs, so just remember to clean up after yourselves.  Trash cans are on at the park already.
  3. I want to thank folks for the feedback on the field position.  We tried something new that week and we are taking in your comments to try and position the fields better. We're working on it!
The final item I wanted to discuss was an incident at the bar on Thursday.  As folks may or may not know, there was a brief physical altercation at the bar between two people in kickball. First and foremost, this behavior is, well, quite terrible and embarrassing. Second of all, we are here representing not only ourselves, but your team, and the kickball league. We have been lucky to get a great bar that is working with us to provide great specials and service to our large crowd.  When you have that kickball shirt on, take a second look at what you're about to do.  All I can say is if you're going to make a fool of yourself, do it on your own time.  We have not had a history of these types of actions, and really, we're all here to have a fun time.  If having fun involves fights and provocation, please come see me and we can find a better league for you.

Sorry to end on a downer, but it's an item I feel is quite important.  We are all here to take a break from work, life, and kick some balls and drink some beer.

ON A LIGHTER NOTE, The one thing I can say about the people in this league is it is the largest gathering of genuinely good people I have ever encountered.  Everyone of you folks is a friend waiting to be challenged to a flip-cup game!  So I say, bring it on!

Also, bring out your mittens, bring out your balls, and let's have a great time this week... Thursday is right around the corner!!

-The Chief

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