Sep 26, 2012

Week 2: TILF

TILF racks up another dissapointing 6 to 4 loss.  Although the defense was promising from the second inning on 6 runs in the first was too much to overcome.  Holding the opponent to 0 runs the remainder of the game showed some promise that the defensive line-up had been straightened out.  The offense showed some glimpse of promise in the third inning by stinging in two runs, but not enough momentume.  After along debate about whether we were her to play kickball or debate the time we ended up playing an extra 1/2 inning in hopes to pull out a tie or win.  TILF managed to get two on with two outs, but the line up did not allow for enough power to get them home to potentially tie the game. 
Arising clarifications from TILF this week to the head ref:  If the time is 7:15 at the end of the 5th inning can the game still go on to another inning or is the cut-off 7:14?  Also what is the league minimum amount of beer in a flip cup?  

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