Sep 26, 2012

Week 2: Vodka Red Balls

Did anyone see Vodka Red Balls have a cartwheel contest? What about the bar fight? Check out the dedicated players (pictured) wearing their jorts and pink shirts bringing the excitement to kickball both on and off the field this week.

Not knowing what to expect of the line-up and mix of old and new ballers, VRB wasn’t sure if they could keep up their winning streak. But they started off hot in the first inning scoring 3 runs and keeping Balls & Dolls scoreless. Balls & Dolls came back with a few runs in the second and third innings, but not to worry, Vodka Red Balls wouldn’t give up the lead and won 4-3. They’d like to give a shout out to Peter who was a clutch base-runner early on in the game.VRB didn’t let the fun stop there either. There were dance-offs, cartwheel contests and plenty of empty beer cans to be found on the field after the game concluded. Shannon showed us the splits, Sam showed us his flexibility (even when wearing jorts) and some Balls & Dolls players even joined in for the cartwheel race.
However, VRB wasn’t nearly as successful at the bar. They were upset in flip cup, may have caused a scene on the roof, and made the decision not to draft one of their 4 starting rookies. Watch out for this team – they plan to make a flip cup come-back next with against With Another Man’s Balls. And if they can’t win flip cup at the tavern, they’ll just venture down to Whiskey Park to see Joe!

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