Oct 4, 2012

Week 3: Hold My Beer and Watch This

Time again for another installment of "Just How Awesome is Hold My Beer And Watch This (HMBAWT)" ... spoiler alert ... pretty damn awesome!

Thursday started a bit later.  It was a 7.30pm game, the sun was starting to set, temperatures were dropping and teams were realizing that they did not have enough layers.  HMBAWT arrived at the field just before the game began and started flowing the glorious golden brew that we all look forward to every week.  The flow of beer should have started earlier because then the flow o the field may have likewise started.  HMBAWT was a bit slow to warm up...
Luckily though we all remembered our team spirit.  Ginger was rocking the UofMN bib overalls, Michelle was rocking her UofMN undaroos (on the outside), Mason was sporting his Letterman Jacket from High school (douche?) and WAKA TC Bachelor of the week, Will, had a purple full-body spandex suit to show his Tommie pride.  Maybe you saw it at the bar?

Unfortunately though all this spirit and beer drinking did not lead to a win on the field.  However HMBAWT did continue the YOLO trend for when we do lose!  You know ... YOLO ... You Only Lose Once (a week).  That is right!  HMBAWT swept the competition, per usual, at flip cup.  Will also took 2nd runner up (3rd place, whatever) in the "School Spirit" competition.  He was beaten by two Badger ladies, figuratively ... not literally.

HMBAWT is revving up for another big week with the theme of Togas though, so get ready WAKA TC!
Till next time!

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