Oct 4, 2012

Week 3: Kick This

Alright.  You’ll get what you’ve been asking for.  That’s right, not just a story, a Kickball Story.  It begins with 19 willing and able Kick This comrades,  Painter Park, 6:30 PM on an Indian Summer evening.  The opposing team Prestige Worldwide arrived to compete in fierce kickery.  Prestige Worldwide struck early in the 1st inning, scoring a run. However, Kick This rose to the occasion and scored two runs.  The second run came via Kevin.  As Kevin round past third, his intense speed hurled him toward home as he dove for a score.  However, the catcher for Prestige Worldwide, was unlucky enough to stand in his way.  She went down in a hurl of dust and grass.  She soon recovered via a good de-grassing pat down.
During the game, Joline “Mixologist” Epple brought forth her brew of Jungle Juice much to our delight. Further, each teammate rejoiced at their newest kickball accessory of blazen orange caps. We wore them with pride!

We turned in a 2-1 victory which may have been due to the brew, or the caps, we will never know.  But before it was over, Matt “Beardy” Aiken kicked a ball so high that it nearly bumped a passing satellite.  NASA has been in touch to inquire about using his legs instead of rocket boosters. Stay tuned. 

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