Oct 4, 2012

Week 3: Kickball Bachelor

Name: Nicolas, aka Nick
Team: Madballers
Seasons: 6th season
Hometown: Ellsworth, WI - population 3,284 Cheese Curd Capital of Wisconsin
Siblings: 1 older sibling
What vegetable do you hate: I love veggies
Favorite drink: Juice or Captain and Coke
Favorite lunch meat for a sandwich: Pastrami
Do you still have your tonsils: Yes
Favorite ice cream: Cookie Dough
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Last thing you ate: Chipotle Burrito
Scary movies or happy endings: Happy Endings
Summer or Winter: Summer
Hugs or kisses: Both
What color is your car: Grayish Periwinkle
Favorite child movie: Wizard of Oz
Cats or dogs: Dogs
Best part of waking up: Breakfast

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