Oct 4, 2012

Week 3: Vodka Red Balls

“OH THANK GOD” Dave said after spotting a group of pink shirts walking down Lake Street. After some drinking and dancing, one of the Vodka Red Ballers (we all know who you are!) fell asleep in Dave’s car during her ride home. Luckily the weeks MVP, Bridget Carmody (sporting a jean short dress!) was there to save the day and wake up this sleepy (obviously drunk) Vodka Red Baller, pick her up and get her home safely.
On the field Vodka Red Balls was flying high after their win (or at least Zach was)! VRB was not only able to continue their winning streak, but was able to continue their bad ass jorts outfits. Check out the dedicated players (pictured) wearing their jorts and pink shirts bringing the excitement to kickball both on and off the field AGAIN this week (minus the bar fights). Vodka Red Balls also pulled out a victory in flip cup at the bar. With Another Man’s Balls didn’t stand a chance!!

VRB plans to continue their winning streak and jorts wearing tomorrow night against TILF. And who knows, maybe another visit to Whiskey Park! Let the fun begin!!

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