Oct 4, 2012

Week 3: You're Killing Me Smalls

1st of all - we had the best refs ever!!
They were attentive, called the tough plays, and couldn't be bribed by beer (which the other team tried to do).  2nd of all - this was the most amazing match-up YKMS has seen.  We Kick Balls, a second seasoner, really put up a battle.  In the bottom of the 5th, they we're up two and YKMS got it together (with a man down) to tie up the game. 
If you thought that was the end…you thought wrong.  The refs agreed to let us play one more inning and then the tension rose.  At the bottom of the 6th, YKMS was down 2 again with three girls up to kick.  Well, We Kick Balls underestimated how talented (and competitive) our ladies are.  We Kick Balls couldn't kept bobbling the ball (with some well placed, accidental, collisions) and ultimately lost to YKMS by 1 point!

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