Oct 11, 2012

Week 4: Kick This

The Thursday Eve of last, Mother Nature did brew quite a tempest (yes other things besides coffee and delicious beer can be brewed) for our young kickballers, but we endured the whipping winds, the frosty air and dealt our opponent a stinging defeat. Kick This arrived in style. Toga style that is. Our co-co captain Hillary “Flipper Do” Haga arrived as only she could, with a handy bag of red wine, ready for drinking and slapping. Our opponent You're Killing Me Smalls had no such red wine bag, perhaps they wished they did.
You're Killing Me Smalls struck early in the 1st inning, scoring 2 runs. Kick This’s kicks went silent for several inning until Matt “Beardy McBeardsalot” Aiken stepped up. Just then, lightning struck but not from the sky, no! It was from Matt’s non athletic wear shoes. He booted a ball deep, over the center fielder’s head, past the fire hydrant and into the street… A home run! He earned 3 RKI’s and enough for our victory and an MVP. The game ended 3-2, with togas aplenty and much less red wine. Kick This had a flip cup nailbiter thanks to Joline “normally reliable” Epple, but we pulled through for a 3-2 flip cup victory!

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