Oct 11, 2012

Week 4: Kickball Bachelor

Name: Alex B. 
Nickname: Bus
Team: With Another Man's Balls
Seasons: 1st
Hometown: Lake Benton, MN
Favorite Cheese: Pepper Jack 
Color of Underwear: Black
Genre of Music: Country 
Action or Romance: Action
With the lights on or off: On
Childhood pet: My dog, Sox
Chicken or Beef: Beef
Bottom or Top: Top
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunset
Broken Bones: None
Last Place You Got Busy: Bed
Favorite Physical Feature: Boobs
Country or City: Country 
First Crush: Faith, in the fourth grade
Pet Peeve: Someone Who Talks too Much 
Do you like your job: Yes
Piercings: None
Lucky Number: 8 
Alma Mater: South Dakota State University 
Favorite Tree: Oak 

**Editors Note: Picture has temporarily been misplaced. We apologize for your inability to properly creep. 

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