Oct 18, 2012

Week 5: Hold My Beer and Watch This

This week Hold My Beer And Watch This (HMBAWT) played “We Kick Balls” this last week and kick balls they definitely did.  It may have been the birthday hats, or the team player that ran the bases with a backpack full of beer, but they definitely kicked ... our butt.

HMBAWT realized that our problem is that we have to score more (all of you analytical people go check out the standings and the “points for” vs “points against”)!  Adjustments were made to get fielding in check and they worked, so now to batting.   We are sure that with the right moves, just like the 40 Year Old Virgin, we will score!

I won’t even talk about the bar, because we won … per usual … YOLO!
Get ready to release your inner animal next week too, because it’s our week … pitches!

Need Inspiration?  Place your peepers on the videos below my friends!

click: Jungle Love” by Morris Day and the Time (From Purple Rain)“ … It has Prince in it, so you know its good!

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