Oct 18, 2012

Week 5: Kick This

Our recap begins as all good recaps do, with words, phrases and a startling lack of bear attacks.  Kick This arrived short 2 captains, Joline "Hungry Pants" Epple and Hillary "Cojones" Haga, but no matter, we strove ahead to play the deathly serious team of  Vodka Red Balls.  They wore pink, and cut off jean shorts, but that couldn't disguise their immense appetite for serious play and vicious winning.  Out on the field, we witnessed Vodka Red Balls intensity... 

You've only experienced such intensity once before, on the bus, when the homeless guy sat next to you and by the corner of your eye and through the vapors you saw him staring at you.  For he knew that the government's listening device was in your head and the only way the voices said it could be disabled was by an unceasing glare, and occasional farting.  Yea, it was that kind of intensity.
But, we did not buckle. Eric "Give-it-I-Got-it" Geiger was throwing the heat and keeping the Red Ballers at bay. The score tied at 2, late in the game, Ryan "Broken Glasses Be Damned" Lavelle came to kick with 2 outs and runners on 1st and 3rd, he artfully placed a bunt, he sprinted towards first, the catcher bobbled the ball and Kevin "K-Fed" Smits ran home from third, safely scoring the winning run with a bodacious slide. Chris "Woody" Wood did an outstanding job coaching his runners on first... unfortunately some where a little hesitant to listen; Yes, Andrew "Chuckles" Fernando, we're talking about you. The final victory came in at 3-2. 

Vodka Red Balls loudly vowed revenge in flip cup, but they were no match and fell to our mighty one flippers, 3-0. Sweep!

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