Oct 18, 2012

Week 5: Ref-Desk

Fellow kickballers,

Not much to report this week, just some things about what I have seen over the last couple of weeks as we play.

First off the Safety base at first. I have seen some players run towards the first base and not the safety bag. With that I have seen a couple plays if the runner would have went for the safety base it could have changed from an out to safe.

Second, If your team refs a game please have at least 3 people to ref the game (home, first and third). 

Third, when the ball touches any object such as a tree or post, the ball is automatically dead. So if someone would kick the ball it hits one of the trees and someone is able to catch the ball the player is not out and the kick is considered a foul ball.                               

Lastly, flip cup scores I try to get everyone's flip cup score while at the bar however I do miss some scores. If you can include those scores into the text that you send to GMOT that would be greatly appreciated!!



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