Oct 25, 2012

Week 6: Bachelor of the Week

Name: Ryan L.
Team: Kick This
Nickname: Things N' Stuff
Favorite position (or or off the field): Right Field and Doggie
Occupation: Professional Kickballer
Ate for Dinner: Twizzlers 
Favorite Bored Game: Operation
With the Lights On or Off: On
Apples or Oranges: Apples 
Favorite Holiday: Halloween 
Favorite Place for Dates: Denny's 
North or South: North
Way to your Heart: Being Easy
Worst Pickup Line: Hi, my name is Ryan. 
Favorite Color: the ocean after a storm
Last Movie You Saw in Theaters: Debbie Does Dallas 
TV Show Last Watched: Battlestar Galactica
Fun Fact: 8 inches around, Think about it
Favorite Disney Princess: Fiona
Ever Been Arrested: Yes
Favorite Subject in School: Anatomy 
Big Spoon or Little Spoon: Big Spoon
Shampoo: Pert Plus
Have Any Pets: No
Lager, IPA, Stout, Porter: Lager
Red, White, Blush: Red
When you get Nervous you...: Spontaneous boner followed by wetting myself

**Editors Note: None of these responses were edited.

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