Oct 25, 2012

Week 6: Bachelorette

Name: Kelly 
Team: We Kick Balls
Nickname: Give em Kell or Kommando Kell
Favorite position (or or off the field): 2nd base and anything involving getting home
Occupation: Business Analyst... of panties 
Ate for Dinner: Chipotle 
Favorite Board Game: Drunk Risk
With the Lights On or Off: Lights off and candle lit
Apples or Oranges: Bananas 
Favorite Holiday: Halloween  
Favorite Date Spot: Ask me on a date and you might find out
North or South: South 
Worst Pickup Line: "Ooh, girl. I'll love you so good you'll have a seizure."  
Favorite Color: Red
Last Movie You Saw in Theaters: Hunger Games 
TV Show Last Watched: 60 Minutes 
Fun Fact: Completed 4 Marathons 
Favorite Disney Princess: Mulan 
Ever Been Arrested: For streaking, maybe...
Favorite Subject in School: Gym
Big Spoon or Little Spoon: Little Spoon
Shampoo: Brilliant Brunette 
Have Any Pets: No
Lager, IPA, Stout, Porter: Lager
Red, White, Blush: Blush
When you get Nervous you...: Smile and fidget, a lot 

**Editors Note: Assistance was given by teammates to spice things up with Kelly was on the field

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