Oct 25, 2012

Week 6: Balls & Dolls

The night is forever etched in our memory. 

There was a young team with fresh faces and great asses, there was a seasoned team with a drinking problem and a bad attitude, and in the distance we could hear the ramblings of a disgruntled preoccupied ref…

The young bucks started out strong with 4 runs in the first inning, the veterans nearly gave up hope right then and there but there a lot of Coors and Mich Goldens to drink they stuck around for a bit longer. 
Then something miraculous happened, the alcohol must have kicked in because the veterans came back with vengeance… but then something terrible happen in the 5th inning – beer ran out and panic set in.  The score was close and they NEEDED the beer to stay in the game. 

Then out of nowhere a giant gnome appeared with a variety back of trunk beers… this is exactly what the alcoholics needed to secure their second win of the season.

Balls and Dolls, “a seasoned team with a drinking problem and a bad attitude.”

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