Oct 25, 2012

Week 6: Kick This

An evening of Leopard print snuck up on us like well, a Leopard on a Muskan Alawazian Snow Rabbit.  Yes, for it was animal print day.  Joline "Hot Bottoms" Epple and Michelle "Ya Feel Me?" Lien donned some nifty Leopard print leggings.  It was Rawr-tastic. 

We played TILF and the competition was fierce.  A couple innings in the game remained tied until Matt "Legs MaGuillicutty" came to kick.  He booted yet another deep ball, past the center fielder.  Joline was already on base, but Matt nearly surpassed her on the bases.  Both made it home safely, simultaneously.  After that we opened a wide lead and didn't look back.
Joline also added to teamwork in the field.  Playing Left Center a line drive kicked ball aimed squarely at her.  Joline put up her hands, deflected the ball up and Nate Neil came from behind and finished the out with a spectacular catch. 

At home plate, the ever present catcher, Drew, caught a bunt kicked high into the air.  There was a runner on first who did not stop after the catch and Drew quickly, accurately and some would say sexily, threw to first to attain a crucial double play. 
We won 9 to 2 and all was good.  Except for the tree hanging over the 1st base foul line.  We kicked so many balls into its bare branches that we really owe it dinner, or at least a massage of some sort.  The tip cup results can not be relayed for they are too sad to report. 
PS, check out the bachelor of the week, word is.. he's a total stud muffin.

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