Oct 25, 2012

Week 6: President's Corner

Hey there Kickballers!!

Holy buckets!, that is all I have to say after this past week!

What all happened? Well, let's count it up!  another great night of kickball, oh, and what was that this weekend? Just the most awesome mid-season party ever (so far!)??!  Yup, that's right!
So how about that party?! As I'm sure you saw and others will tell you, we had a record setting night!  22 flip cup teams and a massive attendance !  Big thanks to the folks at Whiskey Park!
Hope to see you all this week!

Oh, and a friendly reminder - Please make sure to clean up after your teams at the park.  I've noticed some trash left behind after the games.  Please help out in keeping the park nice and tidy!

Thanks folks, see you Thursday!

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