Nov 8, 2012

Week 7: Hold My Beer and Watch This

Two more of these balls of Hold My Beer And Watch This (HMBAWT) awesomeness folks!

Do kickballers let snow and rain stop them?  No, THIS IS SPARTA (or WAKA TC Kickball...) and we play through!

HMBAWT showed up still high on life from the previous week, and the mid-season party, ready to chew bubble gum and kick butt ... but they didn't have any gum.  Prestige Worldwide had no idea what was coming.  Runs were scored, diving and sliding catches were made and people even found Waldo (Holy crap!)!!  ESPN is pissed that this game was not filmed ... It was that awesome!  Mason also scored a homerun and got to show WAKA-TC how HMBAWT gets down with a flabongo!  Look at that awesomeness below!  Sorry ladies ... he is taken!
Then at the bar HMBAWT dominated on the flip cup front as well.  The other team even tried to use ringers (or their teammates didn't show up...) and it was no use.  

This upcoming week is sure to be an epic game of kickball and fun as well.  HMBAWT will surely be ready to "Kick This" week!

You know what's sad, kickball is over in two weeks.
You know what is awesome?! End of Season PARTY in two weeks!

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