Nov 8, 2012

Week 7: Kick This

Last Thursday.. the cold was much like a Mosquito, ever present, biting and tricky to swat.  Our team numbered but a few, however it was enough to play in a momentous game of who could win and not get hypothermia.  We fought against Madballers and time would tell if we won (or, however much time it takes for you to skip to the end to read the score). 

It was costume themed night and we did not let down, Matt "Super" Aiken arrived as Superman.  Jackie aka Sweetness, came as a pumpkin, Andrew "Nando" Fernando came as Robin Hood, but we weren't poor enough to get any gold bits from him.  Alas.  Both teams played slow ball with the biggest hit came from Matt "Super" Aiken achieving a double and getting Ryan "He's on Third" Lavelle to third.  Meena bunted to load the bases with 1 out and Paul "To the Wall!" Givens booted one deep, Ryan tagged up and scored padding our eventual victory score.

With great defense provided by Matt at third (throwing out a runner near home), Paul in Center with some great catches and Gieger pitching, we held them to 1 run vs our 3 runs.  Victory!  Flip cup was merciless as we won 3-0 against their depleted barely even showed team. 

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