Nov 8, 2012

Week 7: Vodka Red Balls

Vodka Red Balls sure has spirit – both on and off the field. With only 8 players during the recent Halloween game, VRB dominated the green team – winning 13 to 1. They had cowboys wrangling up some outfield balls, runners that were quick like a cat and first baseman Tiger Woods (aka Bridget the golfer) as the MVP. VRB’s kicking and base running was in full force at this SOUTH Minneapolis PARK and You’re Killing Me Smalls definitely couldn’t KILL KENNY! (sorry for the terrible South Park reference but Kenny failed to wear a costume). Kenny had multiple home runs, one of which was a grand slam!

VRB should have claimed a flip cup victory, but the green team cheated – bringing in ringers Michelle and Mark. After several games of survivor and king of the hill, VRB headed home. A yellow shirt was spotted (as always) on Friday morning.
The yellow team didn’t let the fun stop there either. Saturday morning an additional yellow shirt was spotted on Bryant Avenue. Kickballers from various teams gathered to show their Halloween spirit – including past and present VRB members dressed as Winnie the Pooh. Yellow team members, Diego and the Cookie Monster (not pictured above), helped Pooh bear win a limbo contest.

Also Pictured - off the field, after their only loss two weeks ago, Vodka Red Balls met at TCF Bank Stadium to show their gopher pride. Then at last week’s game, Steve “Suited Up” to support VRB in another victory.

This week Vodka Red Balls hopes to finish their season with a win over We Kick Balls. Bring on the playoffs!

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