Nov 8, 2012

Week 8: TILF

TILF is on a roll heading into the playoffs.  After a Week 7 forfeit Win by out showing 9 players to 6, we accomplished our second illegitimate win.  One while playing the wheel of destiny and the other by forfeit.  WhooHoo!!  But week 8 a team that was determined and focused to get their first W of the season.  That being said the first inning started out by holding the opponent to no runs.  Offensively we had the best start of the season with 6 of the first 8 kickers scoring including a 3 run homer and kicking though the entire roster.  The second inning TILF gave up 2 runs off of some discombobulation errors.  The opportunity of sharing a simultaneous catch with 2 other people sounds great but as usual didn't pan out so well.  But 2 runs was all they had.  Another 3 runs were scored in the second inning by TILF.  The rest of the game was a stale mate.  On to the bar for team building exercises and to show the dominance in our flip cup skills.  Good times!  

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