Aug 26, 2014

Beverage Warning

Now is your chance to brush up on the rules and talk to your team about the No Alcohol policy from Mpls parks. 

If you choose to break the rules, you are on your own.

DO's & DON'Ts

- Do NOT be a dumb ass and show the entire neighborhood you are drinking an alcoholic beverage(s).
- DO bring a bag for your case of beer or cover it with a blanket. 
- Do NOT leave your empty cans/containers laying around.
- DO  put your alcoholic beverage in a coozie or to-go mug. 

If you are going to drink, be smart about it and don't ruin it for the entire league. 


  1. Basically, don't be a dick. Am I right?

  2. So we should not bring this 99 pack of beer?