Aug 29, 2014

Kickball Cupid: Engagement Spotlight


How long have you known each other? 
Joline: 7 years and then some.
Timmy: No comment.

How did you meet? 
Joline: At a flip cup table at Blarney's during fall kickball.
Timmy: No comment.

Timmy, how many times did Joline turn you down? 
Timmy: No comment.
(Rumor has it, he heard "No" so many times, he lost count).

What was your first date? 
Joline: Magical MLK Day! Actually, I think it was Grand Slam, but I didn't know it was a date yet.
Timmy: No comment.

How did Timmy propose? 
Joline: He made a homemade red kaleidoscope and popped the question on a beach on Cedar Lake.
Timmy: No comment.

When is the wedding?
Joline: Tentatively, November 2014.
Timmy: It's going to be epic.

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