Sep 2, 2014

Ball So Hard (TC Week 1)

The Fearless 8

New Location, new members, same old Ball So Hard. As the wily veterans introduced themselves to the fresh meat of Ball So Hard, one thing was certain, there was no quarrel going to be given to our opponent Balls and Dolls.

Interim Captain Cory started with a loss at paper, rock, scissors and Ball So Hard was elected the visiting team. The Fearless 8 then took the field with nothing but hate in their eyes and defense on their mind. Very solid defense in the first going 1, 2, 3 along with a great catch by newcomer Jessica.

Cory opened up the second with a single. Jessica “Throw the ball at me like you mean it” with a sac bunt that brings Cory over to third. Abby with a great kick to the shortstop to score Ball So Hards only run. The offense came to a halt after that with a lot of great kicks b the team, but some great plays on defense prevented any rally.

The defense of the Fearless 8 was incredible the entire game and it had to be to keep it close. Much ground was covered in the outfield by newcomers Tom and Jessica. While newcomer Miss Cleo established herself as Ball So Hards new first basemen. Krista “Late to the party” Hogan had great communication in the outfield to make sure incidents in the outfield were avoided. The veterans held their own as Erin pitched seven innings of two run ball, Jon made great catches in left, Abby was very spry as catcher, Lana was both Short and 2nd base and Cory at third.

While a lot of testosterone and estrogen was put on the field in the late innings, Ball So Hard could not push a second run across to tie the game. Our adversaries of Balls and Dolls along with their 30 team members prevailed in the end.

Our Captain and Vice President of the league Phil and Mary are out in Seattle doing a lot of recruiting from the Seattle Sounders club and will return next week with new tactics and strategy for Ball So Hard.

I will see you all next week as we look to bring home our first “W” of the fall season against Boot by the Foot at 6:30 pm.

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