Sep 2, 2014

Flipnado (TC Week 1)

To everyone’s surprise, Flipnado (FKA Therapists of America, Prestige Worldwide, Stage 5 Clingers…) started week one out with a WIN!  We are hereby retiring, and taking pride in probably our first ever winning season.

In normal fashion, Captain Kari lost rock-paper-scissors for the team, and thus we were first to bat. Coty set the bar high by making it onto base.  Drew T and newcomer Kelsey followed suit, leaving us with loaded bases and no outs for second-season Kristi to come to kick.  Being the skilled, strategic kicker that she is, Kristi went for the sacrifice and let our first runner score.  Drew and Kelsey were close behind to cross home plate, giving Flipnado an unprecedented 3 run lead.

Fielding looked a bit more familiar to this drinking-focused team.  We overthrew.  We missed catches.  We were oblivious.  It felt right.  Lucky for the team, Tom has resurfaced from the kickball graves and joined our team.  He singlehandedly caught all kicks to left, right, and center field, occasionally also helping out at 2nd and 3rd.  Tom allowed for the rest of us to stand there with our beers, which is where we truly excel.  Kudos Tom.

99 problems scored 2 runs in the first, followed by Tom with a score in the second as well as a run by 99 problems.  The third inning was a bit déjà vu of the first, where Coty, Drew, and Kelsey all scored. Coach AJ wanted to join in on the fun, giving us an 8-3 lead over our opponents in the top of the 3rd. We were feeling great.

The game progressed - runs were scored (by 99 problems), Tom caught balls (pun intended). The nail-biter ended with a wild, risky third out at the bottom of the 5th to secure Flipnado’s 8-7 victory. Even after we foolishly encouraged our opponents to play a 6th inning.

To the bar we went.  Though 99 Problems rocked us on the dance floor, they were no match for the flip cup skills of the appropriately named Flipnado.  Winning the first 3 matches secured this victory as well.

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