Sep 12, 2014

Kickball Cupid: Wedding Spotlight


When and how did you meet? 
Mariah: We met at the kickball scavenger hunt of 2011 (April 14th, 2011 to be exact.) Will Johnson knew Kevin from kickball from previous years and I knew Will through mutual friends. I was on a scavenger hunt team with 2 other girls and Kevin had not formed a team yet. As soon as Kevin watched in the door Will asked Kevin if he wanted to be a team of single ladies, he of course said yes.

How did Kevin propose? 
Mariah: Kevin and I bought a house together last year. We moved into the house May 4th, 2012. The night we moved in, after packing and unpacking all day, we wanted to celebrate moving into our first house. We opened a bottle of wine, Kevin was making popcorn and I was picking out a movie to watch. Kevin came over to the couch I was sitting in and asked me if I was happy about the house, I said that I loved it. Then Kevin said he knows what would make me even happier and then proceeded to get down on one knee and asked me if I would marry him :) I, of course, said yes!

When was the wedding? 
Mariah: It was June of 2014.

What team you're both playing for now? 
Mariah: The first year that Kevin and I met, Kevin was on Kick This and I was on Hold My Beer And Watch This. We then both played HMBAWT last summer, summer of 2013. This year Kevin is playing on the St. Paul league for team Ball Me Maybe and I unfortunately am not playing long as our wedding is right in the middle of the season, there's a lot of planning. I have been able to make it to ever game so far though to cheer on.

Anything additional/cute to add?
Mariah: The night Kevin and I met at the scavenger hunt, Kevin challenged me to a flip cup, one on one match. I beat him with a one flip win, he was impressed! We both love playing kickball and enjoy going to the scavenger hunt each year. We love everyone that we have met.

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