Sep 2, 2014

Rule Review: Game Forfeits (Rule 7.04)

Global Default Policy
To play a regulation game, a team must field a minimum of 8 players overall, and 4 of each sex. Failure to meet these requirements results in a Forfeit of that game. Leagues may allow a grace period for arrival of not more than 15 minutes past the first scheduled game time.

Game Forfeits count as both a Forfeit and a 5-0 Loss in the League Standings (plus a 5-0 Win for the other Team.) Not to be confused with administrative penalties known as "Paper Forfeits".

Referees and opposing Team Captains are not at liberty to waive Forfeits (and it's considered poor form to pressure them to do so) - however, in cases a forfeit is declared, it is still encouraged that the teams should take the field and play an exhibition "honor scrimmage" with the time available.

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