Oct 14, 2014

Rule Review: Encroachment Infraction

Q: How do the Fielder Positioning rules differ from the old “Encroachment” rules?

A: There are still the same three types of infractions, but they are now treated as a violation of the same rule. A single warning will be issued to the team committing any Position infraction, and all subsequent infractions by that team result in a free base to the kicker.

Rule 8.03 Encroachment - No player may field forward the 1st-3rd base diagonal other than the catcher until the ball is kicked, and no player may advance forward the 1st-3rd base diagonal until the ball is kicked. No part of the pitcher’s front foot may be in front of or across the front edge of the pitching strip until the ball is kicked. A team's first infraction of this rule will result in a Fielder Encroachment Warning to the team that caused the infraction. The second and each subsequent Fielder Encroachment infraction by a team during the game will result in the kicker being awarded first base regardless of the outcome of the kick.

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