Oct 28, 2014

Rule Review: Playoffs Time Limits

Because extra innings are a possibility and field time is sometimes scarce, referees and Captains are urged to start all games on time. The 15 minute grace period shall be honored per WAKA Policy, but any late start may result in reduced overall playing time.In order to give all teams an equal opportunity for playing time, WAKA may establish time limits for each date of the League Tournament.

These may differ from any time limits observed by the League during the regular season (see WAKA Policies, “Time Limits” section). League Volunteer leaders and Head Referees should consult on this issue with their WAKA Customer Service Representative before the Tournament begins. If the top of an inning is played, then the bottom of the inning must also be played for the inning to count (unless the Home team is ahead – see Rule 7.01c).

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