Mar 31, 2015

Triumph League Registration is Officially Open!

Hello Triumph League Ballers,

Jackie & Joline here from MN Twin Cities Thursday League, have you missed us? Say, it's time to dust off those kickball shoes, grab your can koozie and get ready from some pick-up kickball games! The time has officially come to bring your Triumph League teams back together, be outside and enjoy the sport that has athletics and fun!

So here's the scoop. We start the spring season on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. This is a little later than last spring, so we should have more warm days of the season. Since this is later, you may think, 

"Oh, I have plenty of ti.." 

WRONG --> The Twin Cities Thursday League is already full and I'm already getting full teams signed up on Wednesday. That means get your teams signed up NOW and figure out who's making it to your roster for 2015! Don't have a team? Don't worry! Sign up as a free agent and we'll get your connected with some of our amazing ballers!

See the link below to get signed up, and mark your calendars with key dates. And like I mentioned, we've added a couple of pick-up kickball nights to lead up to the Wednesday season start.

QUESTIONS: Email Zack (zack@kickball.com)

DETAILS: www.kickball.com/mntriumph

04/15 (Wed) – Early Registration Deadline (to get your shirts by week 1)
04/30 (Thur) – Captains’ & Rules Meeting and Open Play at Bryn Mawr 
05/06 (Wed) – Open Play at Bryn Mawr!
05/13 (Wed) – Spring Kickball Week ONE
06/06  (Sat)  – Mid-Season Party Date
07/11  (Sat)  – All Day PLAYOFFS
07/18  (Sat)  – End-Of-Season Party Date

That's all for now. Talk to you soon,

Jackie & Joline

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