Apr 29, 2015

Dining Out For Life Event (Fight AIDS)

Do a Good Deed Just by Stuffing Your Face!

Hey Kickball Fam! 

We know you are all generous, big-hearted folks who would gladly make painful sacrifices for others in need…but fortunately we’re not asking anything like that. 

Step 1: Pick a restaurant from this LIST.
Step 2: Eat (and drink) at that restaurant anytime on April 30th
Step 3: Feel friggin’ great about yourself for being such a generous person.

All of the 225+ establishments shown through that link above have agreed to donate a percentage of their take this Thursday, April 30th to The Aliveness Center: a food bank, therapy and resource center for Minnesota’s HIV-positive  community.  The percentage of donation varies, so pick a high-percentage establishment if you can. That’s all you have to do: no tickets to buy or extra donation to dig deep for, just show up and stuff your beautiful food holes.

Your favorite kickball newbies from last season, Paul and Kim, will be acting as hosts at Pizza Luce in Uptown so swing on by. Luce was one of the few restaurants to include revenue from alcohol in their donation…and we know how you guys are…

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