Apr 3, 2015


WAKA Kickball Memo:

Last year, we celebrated the 1st ever official Kickball Day on April 17th. Kickball enthusiasts all over the country hosted kickball games, contests, parties, and bar crawls to share their love of the game.

Since many of you play kickball at different times of the week, we want to invite you to join the celebration of Kickball Day 2015 on Friday, April 17th and throughout the season with the #MyKickballDay Challenge!

Follow WAKA on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and share your kickball adventures this season with #mykickballday! We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Here are a few simple ways you can participate in Kickball Day 2015 with WAKA:
  • Commit to trying a #MyKickballDay challenge. Share how you're celebrating on social media using #MyKickballDay.
  • On April 17th, get your teammates together for a game and share a photo of you, your team, or your favorite kickball moment using #MyKickballDay
  • Invite a friend to your next kickball game or a Kickball Day party with your league.

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