May 9, 2015

Charity Corner

This Spring we will be supporting the Animal Humane Society.  They are one of the top organizations promoting animal welfare, and have five locations in the Twin Cities, which makes getting connected to this great local organization tangible and meaningful.

At AHS, their mission is to encourage partnership with people, and inspire others through leadership to ultimately help animals!  What better way to provide partnership than raising funds while kicking a ball around a field and hanging out with great friends, including 4-legged ones, and spreading the word about AHS while doing so!

In addition to raising money through our in-season events, mid-season and end-season parties, we are hoping to help connect people to the organization itself, where there are many other ways to give. These include (but are not limited to) fulfilling the AHS wish list, community service events, recycling items in your home that animals can use, and of course adopting a pet!  The organization offers a variety of other pet resources, which we were able to hear about from our local Golden Valley representative.

We will be raising money through our usual annoyingly fun activities such as sunglasses sales, Jell-O, crazy kickball socks, mid/end-season gatherings, and NEW this year - selling gently used full sets of kickball equipment.  Captains, make your team aware that cash is a good thing to bring with each week, because many of our fundraising activities will take place right at the field.  Other non-traditional kickball fundraising ideas are welcome - email them to the GMOT and we'll try to organize something. Ideas submitted include "bargo," jersey exchange, a karaoke fundraising night, "show your wild side" aka animal prints/MN wild gear, and a shipwrecked theme (pirates, flip cup).

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Drew, Charity Chair 
Melissa, Charity Committee 

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