May 18, 2015

Twin Cities: Hold My Beer ... (Wk 2)

The second week of kickball is now in the books and Hold my B**r and Watch This (HMBAWT) had a hell of a week. The game started off as any normal one, with HMBAWT getting behind early in the game. But once Joey "Can I call ya Bud?" started sipping on his 7Up and Scotty "Carbed Up" things picked up. 

The game ended with an electrifying fourth inning performance by HMBAWT which resulted in many runs being scored. Ertl was killer in the outfield, Michelle ran her mouth with the best of them and Ginger's base running was on outstanding. STFU couldn't keep up.

Celebratory/Punishing ice's were enjoyed by the team's unlucky recipients.

At the local watering hole that is Darby's some losing  occurred when Ginger lost to Will in Big Buck Hunter ... Boom! Otherwise the winning continued on the flip table, as expected. STFU, surely did STFU post the close flip cup series.

The flabongo has yet to be used by HMBAWT this season. Hopefully this changes in week 3.

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