May 26, 2015

Twin Cities: Uncontrollable Runs (Wk 3)

What a game. What a battle. The Uncontrollable Runs faced off against familiar foes in Week 3, the Unstoppaballs. Their team was all over the place defensively, holding off all deep attempts and most short kicks. Down 3-2 going into the final inning, after scoring 0 runs since the 1st, the team looked frustrated. What next transpired was truly amazing. With bases loaded and 1 out, Nicole sent a short kick in between the pitcher and catcher, getting the catcher to run out for it. That was all the team needed to get Jack home for the tying run. Next batter up, Grant, sent a deep shot to right, a sacrifice fly, that allowed in what would be the game winning run. MVP honors, however, went to Rachael at 1st, who was tested mightily with errant throws all day, catching all of them, to keep the Unstoppaballs off 1st base. After the game, Rachael was a little emotional. She dedicated her performance to her dog, who was celebrating his 5th birthday at the field.

"I was just in the zone. It's one of those games, where you want to do everything to impress [Beacon] and make him proud."

It's been told that Rachael learned her kickball catching skills training with Beacon, after they had watched Air Bud together.

After reffing, the Runs played some beer in hand kickball against a very fun team, then killed it at flip cup later. Big test week for the team, but the Runs came out on top.

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