Jun 4, 2015

Twin Cities: Kick This (Wk 4)

It was over. The last of us had left the worn grass field. Now, there was but to rehash the events. The words, still fresh from their sting, had all been said.  Actions, cutting and laid bare once done, never to be taken back.  Fellowship cut under by arms raised in frustration. Resentment growing with the stare of their foreign eyes. For us, we few, left grasping into the madness. 

And now, there they lay upon the field, like humbled Gothic castles raged by time, cursed and relegated to quarrels not long remembered. It is the rules and camaraderie of kickball that lay strewn about the field. It is they who remain as neglected tokens of goodwill and play.  

How this was to be, is told, and told right meow.

Kick This arrived to do Kickballing against Pitches Be Crazy.  They, like true Pitches, kicked first.  They managed to score 2 runs.  I, "long arms McGee" grab fly/line drive, running from second, into shallow center.  Our turn to be ballin, and, much like we have experienced the last few matches, it was 3 up, and 3 out.  Our turns at defense presented magnificent feats such as Alex "Always All Day, and All Night.. if you were to ask his ex-girlfriends" made a solid diving catch from 3rd into foul territory. Ditto for Andrew "I was just on a boat and did boat things!" with 2 great catches in center.  Carrie "I transcribe like a BOSS" caught 2 at Short and didn't use the classic alligator move, but the even more classiker move of "boobs". 

Alas, we found ourselves with a tied score, then they booted deep to center, a home run, scoring three. We had but one more UP to tie or win. Alex "See the aforementioned nickname for all heretofore said nicknames" bunted. He's on first. Andrew kicks deep, scores Alex.  Caroline is up and smartly bunts her way to first. Andrew now on third.  Mike "I've been doing 8 minute Quads and you're about to witness the reality that is that kind of dedication" boots it deep, deep to center.  Running the bases.. Andrew Scores (we're down by 1) Caroline rounds home, scores (we're tied) their throw comes in, it's at 2nd base, Mike rounds third. They throw into home.  The pitcher grabs it while off the mound, and tries to get Mike, but he made it home, and TO VICTORY!  

Behold, the exultations! Our first win! Huzzah!  The MVP goes to Mike "Jane Fonda ain't got shit on these Quads o' Fury" O'Toole for his kickiness.  

However, the game, was not spared the drama.  Mid-game, the issue of encroachment took over as we kicked. Before the ball was kicked, their 3rd baseman (who called Kim a Douchebag later) would run up, a no-no. We informed them of this, and near anarchy ensued.  Cutting words were said, while cool heads, namely Jolene, tried to calm the situation.  

At the final moment of the game, they protested Mike's final run because the pitcher had the ball as he rounded third.  They believed since the pitcher had the ball, all running should stop. In so stating, I believe they may have missed 8th grade physics and what motion is.  Also, Mike had already rounded 3rd and could approach the next base, and the pitcher was not on the mound. However, these truth facts were not to be heard.  Ill will and hurt feelings spread among both teams.  Eventually, reason came to pass as did the ending of the game.

The moral of the story? Axe Body Spray doesn't do you any favors.  (that's always the moral, to any story.  Ever.)

In Flip, they no showed.  We are 4-0, bitches.

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