Jun 9, 2015

Twin Cities: Kick This (Wk 5)

Hear ye, Hear ye!

Teammates, compatriots, to all of our friends of re-known!
For here within these words, lies a kickball story to be found.

What adventures, what tales, what deeds will you see?
Well, I’ll spoil it not, what fun would that be?

So, sit down, sit down but if nature does call…
Scamper quick to the room where society prefers your fluids to fall.

Our tale begins at a park of delight,
Where we matched with a team of most mightiest might

But, fear not dear readers and friends,

For we, Kick This,

Always strike victorious, no matter the end!

Our opponents arrived, a most aptly named; Thee Uncontrollable Runs,
We heard that they kicked, with the most mighty of buns
However, their looks had the sex appeal of wet soppy nuns.

The week prior we took up an idea,
Why… let's play with our hands carrying a drink, like beer or Sangria!
It's easy to do, like binge shopping at IKEA.

The game was afoot and balls did roll, but, oh, no! For trouble did show!
What could it be? Was it a tremor of doom, or maybe the return of much hated snow?
Krickety and crumbs, no! It's much worse, for it is here, the much vaunted suburban Po-Po!

Put down your cans! put down your brews!
For with their mustached glare, they forced fun a most menacing Adieu!

The game did resume at a quickening pace
Maybe we thought, it's to be an even race?

They scored throughout the innings and innings
Much like a a jackpot when it dispenses its winnings

We put up a fight, yes! And, we even scored!
It was beautiful, like you mom's hoppin' old Ford,
I dare say, it was a feeling we adored.

However, the game is done, the time was spent
And in their lead, we barely made a dent

The time had come, to tally our earnings
And, much like the nights spent with women (when not too discerning)
These results came back with pure fire burnings

We fell to the team, 5 points to one
We were distraught they had won, luckily, no one took out a gun.

Revenge!  We cried upon their yelping cheering faces
For Flip Cup drew near, and we knew we'd be aces

Alas, the luck was not on our side
We fell to their flips, taking a hit to our pride

As spoken before, fear not on our fate
For the season is not over, and our revenge will be GREAT!

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