Jun 9, 2015

Twin Cities: Uncontrollable Runs (Wk 5)

The Uncontrollable Runs remain on a hot streak, taking down Kick This in a major upset. The week prior, the team got swept by the veteran's 5-0, so to come back and beat them 3-1 in flip cup this week was huge. The Runs are now the only undefeated team on the court! They made their presence known as well when the Uncontrollable Flips, lead by Jackie, Nicole, Charlie, Megan, and Mickey, took down the mid season flip cup championship in a sweeping fashion!

Many a beers were enjoyed from the trophy that night. Jackie, Nicole, Megan, and Charlie lead the offensive assault on the opponents, while Mickey focused his game more on defense against his matchups.

On the kickball field, the Runs remain undefeated as well, after a pretty fun battle against Kick This. What started out as beer in hand quickly ended (after 1 kick), when the police busted out in riot gear to try to take down the league once again.

"I truly can't surmise why the local law enforcement would take it upon themselves to put in so much effort for something that is being regulated and has been without incident in recent years. It behooves these police officers and government to study up on the regulations of other cities and their philosophy on drinking in parks. As Federico Fellini so eloquently put it, 'the visionary is the only realist', and it will take that visionary within the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board to lead the charge against this unfair battle on park craft brews and PBRs."

- Kickball Enthusiast Charlie H

Next up, a nice test against a familiar foe, Boot By The Foot.

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