Sep 19, 2012

Week 1: With Another Man's Balls

This fall there are several new teammates playing With Another Man's Balls. There may be new faces but the results are the same- a 12-1 VICTORY over Balls & Dolls.

Kickball newbs Betsey "base hit", "Hot" Carl, Brian "the Shermanator", Alex "Hustleman", and Jamie "I'm Pheelin it" all made great plays at the plate and in the field. Captain Doug "freight train" almost took out the entire spectating Green team as he rounded 3rd en route to a 3 run homerun. 

The only weak point was when veteran closer Jade (aka Matt Capps) came in to preserve the shut out and notch her first save of the season. Oh well. At least she had a 12 run cushion to work with. 

Next up, Madballer's. When the game is over, they'll change their name to Sadballer's.

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