May 18, 2017

Week 3 Schedule

Week 2 Scores and Standings

Week 2 Costume Contest Winners

Shockingly, Fresh Kicks of Ball Air won!


Fresh Kicks of Ball Air

Words. Explicit words. Lots and Lots of explicit words. Fresh Prince played well, but some people decided to bend them over without lube and give them a loss. Fresh Kicks crushed it on the base path, but the runs were not enough. Bakke pitched well, but it was not enough. The defense behind him was less than subpar (Tom, we are talking about you). Phil, Danny, and Lana crushed it at the plate with four of the six runs. After the repeated pounding by you know who, Fresh Kicks headed to the bar to be irritated and annoyed. A solid showing at the bar for Fresh Kicks allowed for multiple people to make the FINAL FIVE. As some veterans fell (Tom), some rookies decided to make a name for themselves (Bakke & Megan). As the flip cup team approached the table to face Sons O Pitches, they chuckled as they saw the fear in their eyes and poop in their pants. Fresh Kicks took care of business per usual and won 3-1. For the second week in a row, Fresh Kicks won best dressed as Amy, Shannon and Cory all took home the prize.

Kick This Weeks 1 and 2

May 5, 2017

Fresh Prince of Ball Air (Week 1)

Well, well, well. As my hair whips through the wind on my way home on my bike, I think about week one from a kickball and social standpoint. From a kickball standpoint, there isn't much to talk about. Some of us walked to the wrong field (Amy, yes give her shit) and rest of us found out that scoring in a beer league kickball league is a lot more strategic than expected. As we STRUGGLED to score runs, we found our stride in the field on defense. With Phil, Josh and Jackson all making fantastic plays in the field, we kept the game within reach. However, our kicking skills were vastly under par. Next week, lets keep the ball down and let the other team work as we run the bases. Now, the social standpoint of kickball. I'm thinking, lets introduce all the rookies to flip cup and what kickball is all about. Fresh Prince - Fuck that shit, can you use your finger to flip a plastic cup 180 degrees before the person across from you? Well, some of the rookies can, and some of the rookies decided to peace out before the real competition began. As we played king of the hill to narrow down the flip cup squad, newcomer Megan found her flip cup stride and made the FINAL FIVE. As Drunks on a Pond approached the table, Tom looked at Jackson and Jackson looked at Shannon with a small chuckle. Fresh Prince knew that Drunks on that Pond stood no chance in flip cup. After a decisive 3-0 win in flip cup, FPOBA chanted U.S.A, high fived and took on any competition that thought they could beat us in flip cup (FYI, they failed). Congratulations to Shannon, Matt, Cory and Tom on winning their own battle of king of the hill. (Fuck you Jackson, you got lucky and won on a technicality). Congrats to Tom on winning Best Dressed for week one!

Per the FPOBA criteria, we win in Flip Cup and compete in Kickball.  I look forward to seeing all you faces next week!

(editors note: blog received at 12:05am from FPOBA. That shows dedication, heart, and true character. That's a manager any team should covet.)

May 4, 2017


This season, we will be playing at Bryn Mawr and partying at The Pint in Downtown Minneapolis. Here are some key details for our first game this Thursday!

This week’s Theme:  SPORTS JERSEYS. With the Twins playing in town, and the start of our kickball season, we invite everyone to wear their favorite baseball jersey, t-shirt, hat, etc. to kickball this week. New Teams – themes are important. Each team dresses up according to the theme and there are special “Best Dressed” prizes handed out at the bar. The full social schedule is available here.

Shirts Update:  Our shirts have been ordered (they should arrive next week), but we expect you to wear baseball jerseys this week anyways!

Schedule/Scores:  Following games each week, every captain and home plate ref is responsible for texting both team's scores to our GMOT inbox (612-467-9252). You can also email them, and a game write-up and photos, to the same inbox at editorGMOT@gmail.com. We are finalizing the full season schedule, but week 1 and two are available here. Remember to also text your flip cup scores!

Note to team captains – find Jackie when you arrive at the field for a new scorebook for this season.

Alcohol Policy: Remember everyone, Minneapolis Parks has a strict no-alcohol in the park policy and have their own department to patrol this. No visible cans, coolers, etc. Keep it classy kickballers! And consider yourself warned.

Charity Update: If you’ve played past seasons, you know how much fun our charity nights and mid-season/end-of-season parties can be during the season. We are excited to announce that we will be supporting Adopt-A-Classroom this season. Are you interested in helping out? If so, let Shannon know!

Sponsor Bar Reminder: Join us every Thursday night at The Pint for team flip cup and awesome kickball specials. We hope to see everyone this week for the following kickball specials:

  • $7 Pint Burger Basket with Fries
  • $7 Chicken Tender Basket with Fries
  • $10 Pint Light and Pint Dark Pitchers
  • $5 Jameson Drinks
  • $4 Rail Drinks
  • $3 Fireball Shots
  • PLUS - 15% off the full food menu

Additional Key Dates:

  • May 5 – Final Day for Players to Register (and final shirt order)
  • June 10 – Mid-Season Party (Details TBD)
  • June 24 – Saturday Playoffs
  • July 29 – End-of-Season Party (Details TBD)

Team/Player Policy: WAKA is a social sports league open to all skill levels. Our goal is to have a league full of teams that participate on and off the field. All teams are encouraged to join us at The Pint, our league sponsor bar, following each week’s games. All teams are also eligible to have free agents added to their team if needed to ensure all teams are "full" within our league.

Boot By The Foot (Season Preview)

What's up bitches, y'all are looking at the returning champs.  We beat the league's least favorite team (Uncontrollable Runs) in OT last year with an extra dose of pepto bismol and just being the better team. If you disagree, you can ask Tom where the trophy is.  Additionally, it's been brought to my attention that a certain individual in the league thinks we used steroids when in fact our only advantage was completely natural - being better, sexier, and lots of gin bucket.

Cheering for our team has some obvious pros and cons.  With the pros mainly being that we are led by the sexiest man in the league (shouts to Sammy Sam), we bring a lot of booze (hey cops, it's non-alcoholic), and we are very friendly.  The cons are a tad worse, as we have the worst name in the league, we have the league's most annoying brother-sister combo, and we punish errors with shots of fireball.

As an aside, we would like to welcome everyone to the league and look forward to a fun season filled with plenty of laughter and even more Henny.  If you're curious who we are, look for the WWE championship belt.

(Editor's Note: I struggled to copy and paste this onto the blog. The four championship rings kept hitting the keyboard)

May 3, 2017

Thursday MN Twin Cities Schedule (Weeks 1 and 2)

We have added two teams to the league, so the schedule has changed slightly. We will update with the rest of the schedule when available.

May 1, 2017


I can't believe it is finally here. I can't believe how late I am to posting a kickoff blog too, but now is not the time. All of your clever NSYNC "It's going to be May" jokes have finally reached complete hilarity, as May 1st has arrived.

With that, the opening ceremonies to the 2017 Spring WAKA Kickball Season begin this Thursday, as teams from all over the Twin Cities vie for kickball immortality.

After last seasons incredibly surprising championship, one that is still being contested by the losing team (sure seemed like Paige's team was kicking a lot further than normal that day. I'm not suggesting anything related to steroids, just saying it's convenient is all), we are ready to wash ourselves of the stink from 2016, and start fresh.

Heavy favorites, the Uncontrollable Runs, also known as a combination of the Patriots, Spurs, and Fergie, have added two new players to their arsenal. Age is starting to become a factor for this supreme team, but resilience is their middle name, as well as excellence and ball kickers.

Thursday looks like it should be a lovely day. Maybe a little bed bath and beyond, I don't know. I don't know if we'll have enough time.

See you on the field. Don't forget your coozies.

Nov 28, 2016

A Messsage From Your VP

Wow, what an awesome kickball season!  The weather was gorgeous all fall long, the kickball games were amazing, and the Fremont post-game bar brought it!  I had such a great experience as my first season sitting on the board and am already looking forward to the spring kickball season as President.  If you can't wait until spring, then look for e-mails about a possible dodgeball or winter games league through WAKA.

See you soon,
Kyle Johnson

Nov 16, 2016



  • Red Bag (left at the field)
  • Blue & Red Bag (likely left at Bar Louie)
If anyone knows where these are, please let Jackie know, or email editorgmot@gmail.com

Thank you!

Nov 1, 2016

Week 7 Scores and Standings

Week 6:

Week 7:

Week 7 Updates - Playoffs are coming!

Playoffs are rapidly approaching! Keep your fingers crossed that we'll have weather as amazing as last year, but if not I have another way to keep you warm! We are raffling off a cooler filled with booze!

What you win!
- 48quart WAKAfied cooler
- More ice than you'll need
- 3 twelve packs
- 1 bottle of liquor

      As always 100% of the earning go to our season charity, Charity Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I will be selling the raffle tickets at the field and the bar this week and next for $2 and the morning of play offs up until the first game for $5. Get them early and get them cheap!

Don't forget this week the theme is Neon and 80s!!! Lets see your bright colors!!

❤ Your Season Charity Chair, Shannon

Oct 28, 2016

Halloween Winners!

Congratulations to Russell Wilson and a Giraffe for.... wait a minute? That's actually Drew from Victorious Secret and Laura from Kick This!

We know others dressed up and looked great, but if you didn't do your job and go to the bar, then you get no mentions. Fremont is a few blocks from the kickball fields. You can go for at least one drink, maybe a few laughs.

Oct 13, 2016


Just a heartbreaking way for the Founder's Cup to end. Meatballs, from Florida, throw out Dice, from Denver, for the final out of the game, to win 2-1 and to win the championship.

Oct 11, 2016

Week 4 (and 3) Scores and Standings

Week 3 Scores:

Week 4 Scores:

Week 4 Flip Cup Standings:

Week 4 Kickball Standings: