Jan 24, 2013

Gauntlet 2013 Social Calendar

Week 1
Jan 24th
Winter Sucks
Let’s be honest, it’s why we’re all here, because winter sucks and we need to have some fun! Let’s escape the cold and pretend it is TROPICAL instead – don your Hawaiian leis and grass skirts!

Week 2
Jan 31st

Rednecks Rule
Who doesn’t love a good old trashy redneck time? Find some camo or blaze orange, wear your trucker hats and Walmart garb, and get ready to partake in some of our favorite backyard games!

Week 3
Feb 7th
80’s Hairbands
Get ready to bang your head and rock and roll during week 3! Find some tight fitting rocker clothes and rat that hair (wigs encouraged).

Week 4
Feb 14th
Love is in the Air
Midseason Cupid Party (details TBD)
It’s not by chance this week falls on Valentine’s Day. Let’s all wear red and prepare to mix and mingle with your teammates and opponents!

Week 5
Feb 21st 
Hipster/Emo Night
Everything we love to hate about the emo look will come alive in week 5! Skinny jeans? Yes please. Eye liner? Of course!

Week 6
Feb 28th
School Spirit
Represent your favorite college team and get ready to party like a fraternity family. No amount of school spirit is too much.

Week 7
March 7th
We Love Western
From Dirty Harry to Toby Keith, we all love a little bit of Western in our lives. Let’s go over the top and get in the cowboy spirit!

Week 8
March 14th
Preppies vs. Nerds
If you’ve ever wanted to turn your nose up to someone, this is the week to do it!  Break out your argyle, golf shoes and pocket squares – or maybe pocket protectors are more your style and that’s okay too!
March 16th 
End-O-Season St. Patty’s Party (details TBD)

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